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Catalytic essential oil

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  • Grade(A)

  • Mosquito repellent (plant repellent) Ocean (natural sea breeze) Green tea (Xia Riqingxin) Lemon (fresh air) Apple (boosts immunity) Lily (elegant cool) Jiang Hua (relaxed mood) Jasmine (fragrant flower) Rose (romantic) Magnolia (fresh and elegant) Sandalwood (refreshing) Cologne (for men only) Eucalyptus (fresh and elegant) Lavender (peace of mind, sleep) Bergamot (sterilization) White grape White tea Orange flower Sweet-scented osmanthus Lotus peony Mint Cherry blossoms Short station Lemon tea masonry Get some action Passion Citronella Relax vanilla blackberry Yilan To encounter Rosemary The Mighty Hope elves Ferrule (remove formaldehyde)